The Wyckoff VSA London Masters Event

Trading live with real money

3 hour online briefing session

1 day of live trading

Friday December 1st 2023

The Proposition:

A maximum of 10 delegates live trade as a group in the offices of

Capital Markets right in the heart of the city of London.

They are mentored and supported by the Tradeguider trading team in our global trading room.

This is a highly interactive, supportive environment.

At the end of the day all trading profits will be shared
between the delegates.

Prior to the trading sessions we will hold a livestream briefing session.

The Details

Aimed at

Experienced Wyckoff VSA traders

Mentorship customers

Inner circle Tradeguider investors


Briefing sessions

Monday November 27th at 5 pm UK time

We will analyze the long-term view of all major exchanges around the world. We will also give detailed Wyckoff VSA analysis for the futures, foreign exchange and stocks that the delegates wish to analyze.

We will be looking for trigger numbers, market turning points and most importantly what to look out for when bad or good news happens.


Trading session

Friday December 1st from 9 am - 4:30 pm UK time


The room will remain open if there are trades running to maximize profits.


Experienced Wyckoff VSA traders

All participants scan the markets looking for trade setups under the guidance of the Tradeguider team.

When a trade is identified the group analyses ll aspects to make trading decisions based on the rules-based strategies, risk-reward.

Once a trade is taken the group agree trade management options and agree target exits using the rules-based strategies - SharpShooter, SuperScalper and TopBot.

The trades are executed by the trading team based on the group decisions.

Educational Aspect

As the trading process unfolds, where appropriate the trading will be paused whilst the team explain key educational points to provide guidance and help.

Areas to be covered will include:

Multiple time frame chart analysis

Trend analysis

VSA principles

Supply and demand

Trade management

Risk mitigation

Point & Figure projections

Managing stressful trades in a constructive manner

Maximising profits through scaling in /out of a trade

Understanding how market manipulation will trap you into placing poor trading positions in the opposite direction

Magazine of Wall Street, edited by Richard Wyckoff in 1908, is so relevant now as you trade these volatile markets.