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Group Mentorship

May & June mentorship sessions are now available
Continuing our group mentorship services to create elite teams of traders.

The service explained

Tradeguider has now built elite teams of traders who have gone through the Group Mentorship process.

These traders who were losing trades prior to taking the course have stopped losing and some of them have made such impressive progress they have begun working with Tradeguider's asset management team.

The formula developed has demonstrably proved itself.

Over the last year we have already led 12 groups of newbies and subsequently hosted a follow-up mentorship course, for those who wanted to fine tune their trading capability.

The course lasts for 4 weeks and there are 5 sessions each week lasting about 1.5 hours

Maximum group size: 6 members at any one time.

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What we Cover


Over 3600 customers in over 44 countries.

How markets work. What and how the price moves on the chart

Professional and Retail traders behavior.

Volume. Usage of Volume in VSA. Features of volume.

Key VSA Principles on high and low volume

Left and right sides of the chart. Chart background and their usage in trading


Over 3600 customers in over 44 countries.

Support and Resistance in VSA

Strength and weakness on the chart.

Bullish/Bearish volume.

VSA Setups, what they are and how to use them in trading

Multi-time frame environment. Alignment of strength and weakness on the charts

Risk/ Reward in trading. Basic rules and usage in trading


Over 3600 customers in over 44 countries.

Trading styles. trade management in different styles.

Major techniques of trade management

Practical trading of participants as a home work.

Group analysis of trades taken

Plus much, much more

Weekly Groups & Sessions

The next group mentorship begins in May.

May 2024

Session 1 - Monday May 13th
Session 2 - Tuesday May 14th
Session 3 - Wednesday May 15th
Session 4 - Thursday May 16th
Session 5 - Friday May 17th

June 2024

Session 1 - Monday June 3rd
Session 2 - Tuesday June 4th
Session 3 - Wednesday June 5th
Session 4 - Thursday June 6th
Session 5 - Friday June 7th

All sessions start at 10 am New York time

Sessions use the gotowebinar platform

These sessions are permanently available as session archives which are posted the same day.

These archives can be viewed on PC, tablet and smartphone.


Group Host

The mentorship sessions are hosted by Gavin Holmes- Gavin and his elite team who have been refining the techniques and processes that underpin these highly succesful courses.

Under Gavin's tutelage you will be mentored using the private internal techniques developed through many years of experience and practice. Techniques that have never been made public.

Benefit from a unique, proven insider approach so that you too can trade in harmony with the pros.


Attendee Comments


Over 3600 customers in over 44 countries.

I have attended many courses during my 11 years of trading.

None of them did what they said they could.

This one is different - it is different in so many ways. Because the trading approach is so different it did not sink into me at first, but then suddenly it all clicked. and then wow!

I completely turned around my trading performance and 6 months later it is stayed that way

Johannes C - Germany


Over 3600 customers in over 44 countries.

When you begin this course you realize how different the workings of the market are to what you have been led to believe,

I had so many preconceptions before, that changed completely as the course progressed.

Now I know why so many of my trading colleagues don't stand much of a chance - because chance is what it is - unless you get the insights which this course provides.

Anne G - US


Over 3600 customers in over 44 countries.

I was consistent in the markets - losing consistently!

I almost gave up. I purchased the software and thought I was onto something. Whilst the software is excellent, I only realized just how good it is once I gained the educational trading insights I got from this course.

No matter how good your trading tools are, unless you really understand how the market s tick, it is an uphill struggle!

Now I can look at the chart and I understand it - I know what it is saying to me and I know how to read it, Once you know this its a transformation.

Do the course!

Ahmed J - UAE


Over 3600 customers in over 44 countries.

I really enjoyed the interactivity of the course. Those times where we discussed the chart really accelerated the learning process for me.

The homework following each session is a brilliant way of ramming those learning points in.

The team's combined knowledge and understanding - their perception was phenomenal. This was undoubtedly the best training investment I have made.

I personally can't see how you could trade consistently without the knowledge gained over the 12 weeks.

Phil W - UK

Booking group mentorship

Group Mentorship sessions can be booked as follows:

Monthly package of 5 x 1.5 hour sessions

May Group Mentorship

Price $1,495

Earlybird price - $999 (first 10 places only)

June Group Mentorship

Price $1,495

Earlybird price - $999 (first 10 places only)







If you have questions please fill in this Group Mentorship inquiry Form