Crypto Currency Mentorship Course

How can you trade the Crypto Currency markets?

Why is VSA the ONLY methodology that can identify trading opportunities in these markets?

What do you need to do to trade successfully?

Mentorship Course Overview

In our Online Crypto Currency Mentorship Course we will Enlighten you on how the Crypto markets really work. We will teach you everything you need to know to be able to trade them. We will then trade Cryptos Currencies live in the markets

The course will be held over 2 days in May

Part 1 - Saturday May 15th at 10am New York time - focuses on strategies, techniques and supporting educational content

Part 2 - Tuesday May 18th at 10am New York time - Live trading using the techniques and strategies covered in Part 1 Both sessions will be recorded for permanent archive access.

Both sessions last for 3 hours

Tradeguider Company Overview

Wyckoff VSA works in the Crypto Currency markets - the proof:

In this chart extract a 2 bar reversal signals a further downward move

These charts are both on this weeks 5 minute Bitcoin USD chart. 


Three experts in the field of Wyckoff VSA and Crypto Currencies.

Gavin Holmes | Tradeguider

Taught to trade by veteran syndicate trader Tom Williams. Regularly hosts seminars and events around the world. Trades live in the markets with real money. Appears in many industry competitions and events. Has written two books: 'Trading in the Shadow of the Smart Money' and 'The Complete VSA System Explained'. Developed the SMART trading strategies used in the company's core trading activities.

Grigory Margolin | Tradeguider

Has extensive experience in financial markets analysis and in trading stocks, futures, commodities and FOREX instruments on European/American markets using different methodologies. As a developer and CTO has extensive experience in developing, testing, and releasing software applications. Combines programming and development skills, trading experience, and in-depth knowledge of VSA to build leading-edge trading solutions - for example the SMART Technology and the SMART signal service system.

Richard Bednall | Tradeguider
Crypto Currency Trader

Jawaad is an experineced trader who at one time was the biggest Eurex trader in the world. Jawaad is an experienced Crypto Currency trader and was until recently cheif trader at the Gibraltar Stock Exchange.

Jawaad is part of the asset managment team at Tradeguider.

What you will learn

The 10 most effective VSA sequences for trading key currency pairs

How movements in the currency markets will have a major impact on the crypto currency market

How to trade two bar reversals followed by Tests and No Demand.

Finding and confirming “The End of a Rising Market”

Finding and confirming “Bag Holding”

When to recognize an Upthrust in the right place

The importance of the “Gotcha Bar” and when to trade it with weakness in the background

Scan the live Crypto Currency markets for trend alignment across multiple time-frames

Identify high probability entry points using VSA sequences

Advanced trade management techniques

Advanced exit strategies

Money management techniques

When is the right time to trade and how you can chart it

Why VSA is extremely good for charting CryptoCurrencies

How to get alerted automatically when climactic action appears

Longer term investment strategies for Crypto markets

Tradeguider Approach & Methodology

Mentorship Access Details

Limited number of places available

Mentorship Course Benefits

Here are the main benefits in attending the course:

You will gain a sound understanding of the Crypto Currency markets

You will know what the main pitfalls are and how to avoid them

You will discover VSA strategies for trading Crypto Currencies

You will experience live market analysis as we study the 45 major coins

You will see how we can detect accumulation and distribution

You will understand what Wyckoff VSA principles detect the market turns

You will knowhow to build a repeatable trading strategy

We will reveal the reasons for high volatility and how to cope with it

How to identify short medium long term trends with Crypto Currencies

How to correctly draw a trigger number and key support and resistance

Tradeguider Company Overview

Mentorship Access Details

Limited number of places available