The ABCs of VSA Trading Course

This modular course provides supporting information about the tools, strategies & principles used in Tradeguider's Chart Center package.



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The ABCs of VSA | Wyckoff VSA trading course

What does the ABCs of VSA course include?

The ABCs of VSA trading course, included with Tradeguider's Chart Center package, consists of the following 13 core modules:

  • - Module 1: The Terminology
  • - Module 2: The VSA indicators
  • - Module 3: Email notifications
  • - Module 4: Relative volume
  • - Module 5: Volume thermometer
  • - Module 6: Trade management tools
  • - Module 7: The Symbol Scanner
  • - Module 8: Bar info window
  • - Module 9: Distribution phase
  • - Module 10: Accumulation Phase
  • - Module 11: Support & Resistance
  • - Module 12: Trading Plan
  • - Module 13: The Trendsetter Strategy

Chart Center comes with the TrendSetter Strategy built-in, which is a rules-based trading strategy to simplify the entire trading process!

Tradeguider Chart Center VSA trading package

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Full-feature breakdown of our packages

Packages to suit part-time, full-time, professional, or institutional traders

  • Over 300 VSA Indicators
  • Medium term trending tool
  • Short term trending tool
  • Volume thermometer
  • Relative volume tool
  • Email notifications
  • Stop management tool
  • Scan medium term trend in up to 10 time frames
  • Scan up to 25 markets simultaneously
  • Scan for confirmation signals in up to 10 time frames
  • Provide audible alert for change in trend
  • SMART trading strategies
  • Scan volume thermometer in multiple time frames
  • Configure confirmation signals
  • Configure trend tools settings
  • Scan for retracement level analysis
  • Scan using trigger bar analysis
  • Complete tool configuration

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